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im'possible inspiration



I started my day with a frustrating chat...  bit of a language barrier... Someone wanted to work for one of my international projects and managed to find my private skype id... (the first clue this person is clever!)


Well that frustration turned out to be my day's inspiration...



[3:52:56 PM] student4life says: Hello Respected Sir Victory,  I come to you as reffered by your workers whom I know from my University.  I know you pay your workers well so I want to work for you dilegently and sincerely. 


[3:53:42 PM] victory*** says: I'm happy to give someone a chance, and if you prove yourself we continue...  But it would seem impossible to me that you can do both school and work full time for me


[3:54:08 PM] student4life says: Yes I agree


[3:54:47 PM] victory*** says: So you agree you can't do both


[3:55:12 PM] student4life says: No I agree I can do both because im'possible


[3:55:42 PM] victory*** says: misunderstanding...  "impossible" means it CAN'T be done...


[3:57:07 PM] student4life says: sorry Sir Victory for my lacking in english, but what I mean to say is Im always believe that Im'possible to achieve the greatest of accomplishements if Im'willing to work very dilegently.


[3:57:39 PM] victory*** says: oh my God you are inspiring!!!!   im'possible should be like this:  I'm possible.   it means I AM POSSIBLE.  I thought you meant impossible which means the opposite!


...yes she was hired! 



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