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U of V Privacy Policy


Your email address and personal data is kept confidential.

We will NEVER rent, sell or trade our list.


Please read our PRIVACY and ANTI-SPAM policy for details.


For the last 7 years I have been a financial privacy consultant.

So when I say we will keep your personal information secure what i mean is...

-all onsite data is fully encrypted using multi-password on the fly decryption.

-we run a paperless office

-password and data access amongst employees is multi-tiered.

-there is only one super-administrator

-your initial registration form requires the use of a STRONG password.

-(and more...)


If the banks were this careful they wouldn't have lost the billions (yes Billions) of dollars of customer's money due to hacking of sites to gain customer credit card lists and personal data for identity theft.


Why aren't they more careful? Why don't they take the effort to implement these security measures? Because they do not care about you, your privacy, the value of your financial identity and credit rating, or your own personal savings. That is my professional opinion.


Well I do care about my clients!



Opportunity  for  77

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Spots remaining:   11

Est. Filled by:  Nov. 4

Pre-Launch:    Nov. 3Launch:         Nov. 14




The University of Victory

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