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TRUMP vs VICTORY  -How UofV Came To Be





There's been a buzz on the net about me being Donald's "disgruntled apprentice".  Let me set this straight.  I wasn't on The Apprentice, although I may have applied, and I may have been a little disappointed when I wasn't chosen, but I wasn't exactly "disgruntled".  I was however a student of his entrepreneurial master program that has been taught at NYU for the last year and is now at Trump online university.  And I can honestly say it's a 100% solid course.  I have no bone to pick with him or the program. I'm a satisfied customer.


...and btw Trump's books "The Art of the Deal" and "Think Like a Billionaire" are two of my favorites, and I highly recommend them.





It's been brought to my attention that in various Trump forums, people are calling me the "UNAPPRENTICE", and saying I've started University of Victory out of spite to compete with him and try to show him up.  First off, that's ridiculous. Nobody competes with Trump and wins.  He's Trump! 


And second, I created this product after 20 years of hardcore entrepreneurship.  I had my 3 major lifetime passions (education, information marketing, and entrepreneurship) "coincidentally" converge and set me on fire again...


It did happen while I was taking the Trump program, but to say that Trump was my only inspiration... well, let's just say my real inspiration came from a source about

a million times bigger than Trump!





Here's the rather strange and hard-to-believe story of "the sign" that told me I had to take a chance at going head to head with Trump or risk a fate much worse.


I was doing my Trump homework at the livingroom coffee table, with the sun shining in through the window, nurturing the single sunflower stem that sat in the glass vase just a few feet away.  I finished my work and left the papers on the table, where the rays of sun that passed through the vase, converged to create an extra bright spot on my paper, right on the Trump University logo. 


I returned a few minutes later and the sun had shifted just a bit so that the rays now were intensely focused by the convex lens created by the vase, creating a very tiny but super bright little spot on the paper.  Seconds later, a little stream of smoke went up, and the paper ignited into a full flame right before my eyes! 


So later that day when the Trump teacher asked why I didn't have my homework, I explained that I had done it, but then God burned it!


Like I said, a rather hard-to-believe STORY. 





I've always been "into" education, as a teacher, author, speaker, coach, and I started a Montessori school for my daughter when I couldn't find anything good enough for her.  I made my 2nd fortune as an "infopreneur" creating and marketing information products, and literally redefining the industries I entered with new standards for quality and innovation.  I'm also an inventor and extreme entrepreneur.  I made my first million by 27. 


I love to create exciting new businesses out of nothing.  I mean absolutely no working capital... turn my pockets inside out and there is only lint.

My mentor Dan Kennedy used to say "If you can't make money without money, you won't make money with money either."  That statement might be confusing at first, but in short, having no money forces you to be very creative.


It seems obvious to me now, but for the last 6 years I had been entirely missing it, and struggling along in an industry where, while I was respected as a guru, it wasn't personally rewarding. My work certainly wasn't going to change the world in some great way, or build a legacy for me.  In retrospect I was slowly dying without even knowing it. 


But then my personal coach challenged me to think what I might do if I had to drop everything and start again with the only criteria being that I had to find something to satisfy ME.  I put the 3 major interests together (educator + infopreneur + entrepreneur) and came up with the University of Victory for creating TRUE entrepreneurs.


Now that I've started UofV I'm on fire again, and I just love the energy I get from meeting new people everyday on our conference calls and helping them with their various business startups.  The energy exchange has made me feel ten years younger instantly. 






I'm annoyed that so many people say this, but I suppose in a way, I did copy it...


I used Trump's as a "gold standard" to base University of Victory on.  That way I could be sure I wasn't missing anything.  But then I added another 26 pounds of pure entrepreneurial protein to the formula delivered by charismatic niche market leaders of every entrepreneurial industry I could think of.


UofV is 100% unique content, no generic rewrites like the majority of info-products out there.  Also I insisted on a no-filler/no-fluff style from everyone of them.  My goals wasn't to impress you with 100,000 pages of content, it was to make the learning process quick, easy and fun. 


The UofV program is the antithesis of the stack of  boring text books you would find at a typical university course on business. My life as an entrepreneur is fun and exciting and personally rewarding, so I've created the program with that at the heart. 


The only people who would call it a clone simply haven't looked at both of the courses.





(I took Trump's details from his website word for word)


Trump online university

(entrepreneurship mastery program)  $2495

University of Victory

(Personal Victory Program)  $2995





10 teleseminars, 90 minutes each, (one a week)

10 teleseminars, 90 minutes each, (one a week)

with a Q&A after (not hosted by Trump obviously)  7pm e.s.t.  only.

with a Q&A after (YES it is hosted by me!)

2 chances:  7pm e.s.t. and 10pm e.s.t.

2000+ page “ultimate business encyclopedia”

24 DVDs & CDs (NOT streaming video -ugh!)

and a couple of free bonuses:

24 books (to the point, no filler, easy to read)

4CD " The Entrepreneur’s Success Codes Audio Course" $49.95 value. (includes 12 month online program) and

$500 (2 hours) of 1 on 1 business coaching

88 question online self assessment tool $29 value.

about $5000+ of very useful and some absolutely essential business software (FULL programs NOT 30day trials)



MORE TO COME!  fun DVDs not thick books!









develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurial Self assessment test

analyze and refine their business idea

Finding an enterprise that will satisfy YOU

identify who their customer is and what they really care about

Create or discover a niche market

create a brand statement and marketing plan

Create or discover a starving audience

project their revenue and expenses

Fill that niche

set up the appropriate legal structure for their business

Your USP -unique selling proposition. (defining your product and marketing)

find the right kind of money to start their business

Revenue, costs & profits - simple forecasting


Accounting (using simple software included!)


Business legal (easy to understand and to the point!) -structures -patents, trademarks, copyrights


Startup Capital: Family loans, Small investors, Venture Capital, Bank Financing, "Creative Credit"


detailed profiles of many different business models: retail, wholesale, information marketing, eBay, ebooks, clickbank, affiliate deals, master resale rights, network marketing

consulting, coaching, training, import/export, virtual stores, profit sharing collective.




MARKETING ONLINE: this section is HUGE!

It's produced by the leading edge people in the industry -me included (abbreviated list: press releases, product launches, viral marketing, affiliates, joint ventures, building an opt-in email list, SEO for your website, black hat/white hat, google adwords and other PPC, long tail marketing, white paper reports, google adsense, automated email series, identifying internet scams, using forums & blogs, article writing, free public domain reproduction, joint ventures, click flipping, click arbitrage, much more....)




MARKETING OFFLINE: direct mail: (long form copywriting, valpack mailers, newsletters), infomercials, joint ventures, sales and promotions, more, more, more!




HOW TO START A BUSINESS FOR NO COST: Product research, test marketing, prototyping, sell the concept, outsourcing, commission sales, affiliate ventures.




Power Negotiating


Motivating Employees




Real Estate


Day Trading




Personal financial planning & debt reduction


Wealth Accumulation planning




...still more to come!




whole life success:


personal relationships, fellowship, role modeling


business relationships, mentor/protégé


balancing work & play, stress reduction, life organization


the Law of Attraction (like "The Secret" google video)


Health: best selling personal fitness 12 week challenge - 4 DVD set





A certificate signed by Trump (WOW!)

A certificate signed by Victory (hmmm... cool!)





DOES NOT count for university course credits

If you are even asking, you must not be a TRUE entrepreneur.  All the real ones went on to start their millionaire maker ventures!






$1,000 profit for you on every sale of Personal Victory Program

$5,000 profit for you on the Ultimate Victory Summit

$20,000 profit on the Team Victory Adventure



This is not just a high quality educational program to create an entrepreneur out of you.


This is not just an "instant entrepreneur" business opportunity.


This is not just about being part of a social network of other positive thinking LOA type entrepreneurs.


This is not just about providing a product that the market desperately needs and wants.




...and in doing so, help to change the lives of everyone you meet!


This is about making the world a better place one person at a time, starting with YOU!


...Right here,  Right now!



p.s.  If this message is speaking to YOU, please continue to read ALL of the articles on this site.  I have a very special opportunity for a select few to work side-by-side with me... but I can't tell you the details until you understand more about the UofV philosophy and who I am.



Opportunity  for  77

founding  members  to

LAUNCH  the  most

innovative  business

of  it's  kind  EVER !



Spots remaining:   11

Est. Filled by:  Nov. 4

Pre-Launch:    Nov. 3Launch:         Nov. 14




The University of Victory

will change hundreds of

thousands of lives... 


YOU are here...  


 where it all begins! 


Would you like to stand by

and WATCH history be made? 


...or would you like to be part

of history in the making?