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Victory's Apprentice Competition



Do you have what it takes?


7 positions available.

Salaries $150,000 to $500,000.

These competitions make Trump's "The Apprentice" TV series look like a game of musical chairs at my 10 year old daughter's birthday party!

Use the contact form to request information or submit your application (resume document and links to MySpace and YOUTUBE).

Stupid requests will not be answered.  It's part of my automated filtering process.

Dec. 19  we will announce the winner of our first competition and will also give details for the second competition.

check this web page at noon p.s.t.  sharp.




Someone was kind enough to transcribe my video, so here's some written info that may help you.


"If you are going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big!"


That's my favorite quote from "The Donald"...


and thinking big...  Did you know that Trump got over 1 million applications for the last Apprentice?


Well, I'm getting several hundred every day now, and I can see how he got millions...


Because, they're all garbage...


Listen to this...


and keep in mind this is someone applying for my apprentice position hoping to land a job with a six figure salary.


Jeff from California has applied,

his most recent job was at a 7-11.


Wendy from New York

writes "if you hire me, I will help make you the Microsoft of online entrepreneur education"


Wendy, did you read page 1 of my website?

Do you see who my favorite entrepreneurs are?

Did you notice Steve Jobs there?

Did you know that Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer and runs the company?


If I ever run University of Victory like Bill runs Microsoft, then shoot me in the head cuz I'd rather be dead. 


Here's a great Steve Jobs quote for you,


    "The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And I don't mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way, in the sense that they don't think of original ideas, and they don't bring much culture into their products."

          o PBS documentary Triumph of the Nerds (1996)  by Robert X Cringely (who I should add is a brilliant journalist)


and another...


    "I am saddened, not by Microsoft's success - I have no problem with their success. They've earned their success, for the most part. I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products."

          o PBS documentary Triumph of the Nerds (1996)


There are other online education programs out there like passport to prosperity.  THOSE GUYS ARE MICROSOFT!  They are the biggest, currently doing over 1 million dollars a month in sales!  They have many distributors earning  $10 to 20,000 a month.


AND their product is absolute crap.  It's a $1,295  bunch of ebooks and streaming videos that isn't worth $12.95.  But all the distributors go rah rah and hype it up and pretend like it's worth $8,000 so you must be getting a bargain.


And I am saddened...  not by prosperity's huge success, but because people genuinely wanting to start up in  their own entrepreneurial niche or start a home based business who scraped together $1,295 by borrowing it or maxing out their credit cards, who really needed a kickstart to get them going, instead they got a swift kick in the balls!


But the prosperity product greatest damage is not the cost it's that if fools you into thinking you are learning marketing, for example, but when you are done, you use the knowledge and fail.  Why? Because it was second rate or outdated.  To succeed you need the latest information, the stuff that really works, not just theory.  And that is where I come in.


The University of Victory is the SINGLE SOURCE to get you 100% of what you need to start a successful business and get into a profit position fast.  We being by giving you 2 prepaid sessions with a true professional success coach to help you figure out a business that would truly satisfy you and be fun (not just make money).


"A business has to be involving, IT HAS TO BE FUN, and it has to exercise your creative instincts."


~that's a quote from Richard Branson

(and if you don't know who that is, you're fired again)


After you figure out your business niche, we teach you everything there is to know about marketing, offline or online. 


Here's an important thing to note...  When you are an upstart entrepreneur, you need the best quality information, education and resources, because it's hard enough to make your venture a success the first time out.   That's what we give you.


ALSO many of you are going to try to start your business in your spare time or weekends, so you do not have the TIME to wade through the world wide web of crap trying to find information which is TRUE AND ACCURATE, let alone leading edge.


Our program is designed to give you practical "HOW-TO" information, not overwhelm you with  theory.  And all the programs are written by entrepreneurs, not professors, so we write like we talk, which make it easier to follow along.  You don't need to have a dictionary by your side because we aren't trying to impress you with big words.


Every element that we teach, we have the #1 best product.  If someone comes along with something better, I buy it!  ...or improve ours.  The point is, we will always be the best option for anyone wanting to get in business because that is my mission statement.  It's that simple.



ok, so back to Wendy who's trying to tell me I could be Bill Gates one day.  No thanks, and you are so totally fired!


Here's Brian from Vancouver, Canada.  He's bragging about his university degrees from UBC.  Sounds like he did 8 years of school and still hasn't had a job.  Brian, I bet you still live at home and haven't kissed a girl.  You wouldn't last a day with me.


This is from Regita in Seattle who says, "Victory, your articles are way too long.  nobody wants to read all this stuff.  Why don't you just tell us what you want for our apprentice application in a short form instead of making us read an entire website which has nothing to do the the apprentice competition?"


come on.... .  everyone with me all a once, one, two three, YOUR FIRED REGITA!



So, if you want the job, this is what you have to do...


make a video application


don't send it to me, instead host it at YOUTUBE,


don't worry, I checked with Sergey and Brin and they said it was cool with them.


send me the link to the video in my contact form at the university of victory website.


in that contact form, also include a written resume.


when you upload your video to youtube, you must give it a title.  this is what it must be...


university of victory for true entrepreneurs online education and home based business opportunity the apprentice competition Trump style - your first name - your state


if you know why it's such a long stupid title, you are already in the top 10%, congratulations.


if you post a video and you screw up the title, congratulations you are .......


anyone, anyone, fired, yes fired is the correct answer.


the category for the video will be News and Blogs.


you should also create a myspace page, and post your MySpace link on your YOUTUBE and your YOUTUBE link on your MySpace.


On both the video and the the MySpace page you are going to sell yourself to me and present an incredible idea on how I can market the university of victory education programs and the business opportunity. 


I'm not giving you instructions for MySpace, you'll have to figure that out on your own.  However, I will give you a few hints about what I like.


#1 hot babes and exotic cars

but skip that because it doesn't apply

--unless you can make it apply, in which case you are already in the top 5%


#2 a good Horatio Alger* type story.

--but if you give me a sob story, i'm going to use your video on my page called "stupid submissions"

--oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention, all these videos become property of me!

*hint: wikipedia


#3 somehow work in my favorite entrepreneurs (if you need to ask who they are, you are fired again!)


#4 somewhere in there you've got to show me that you are not all about the money, and that you actually want to help people become true entrepreneurs. 

--and if you just repeat exactly what I said, then again you are......   right!



By the way, many of you already know my first apprentice has landed himself a VP spot and salary of $300,000.  His name is Ross Goldberg.  He has an incredible story and not only came up with a brilliant marketing idea for me, he actually put it to use and rather than just explain it to me.  He sent me actual traffic to my website as proof.  I have pulled his video off of YOUTUBE because I don't want you to think you can just copy what he did and I will like it.  Be creative, think outside the box, break the rules, show me something I haven't seen before!


It's interesting to note, that before Ross become a self employed internet marketing genius, he was in the army, and before that he actually was an employee at a 7-11.


So it wasn't really that Jeff in California had 7-11 on his resume that forced me to use him as an example and ridicule him, it's that the rest of his resume was lame and his marketing idea was totally stupid. 


So take heart, regardless of your background, if you show me you've got a great creative brain, you may stand a chance.


This is Victory signing off, and looking forward to watching your video application, and telling you, YOU'RE FIRED!


oh, i mean, you're hired. 

sorry, force of habit.



Opportunity  for  77

founding  members  to

LAUNCH  the  most

innovative  business

of  it's  kind  EVER !



Spots remaining:   11

Est. Filled by:  Nov. 4

Pre-Launch:    Nov. 3Launch:         Nov. 14




The University of Victory

will change hundreds of

thousands of lives... 


YOU are here...  


 where it all begins! 


Would you like to stand by

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