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  What do SUCCESS, FORTUNE and BUSINESS 2.0 have in common?


At least three things I can think of. 

#1  My favorite entrepreneurs have graced the covers many times.

#2  They are my personal favorite business magazines.

#3  Now you will receive a year's subscription to all of them included with your purchase of the Personal Victory Program.

Just a little bonus I threw in today and I know you will love it!

With my monthly reads, I always have an endless supply of exciting entrepreneur and technology news and success tips from this month's rising star in the business world, to start conversations at parties. 

Also you may have noticed the plethora of brilliant forum topics I post for discussion.  Well, I thought twice about revealing my secret, but it's for the greater good... so you may as well know that I get them all from the pages of those awesome mags.  Lest you think otherwise, I am every bit the genius you thought I was, after all it was my idea to look in the magazines for ideas in the first place.

There's nothing like kicking back in the EZ chair with a good magazine...  I hate reading stuff on the computer all day long.  Also I always take one with me whenever I go out, so I can flip through it in line ups, or at the restaurant when my dinner guests turn out to be boring.

So now when we chat on our conference calls or in the forums, you will be right up to speed with what's going on in my entrepreneurial super brain.  And when I ask skill testing questions for exciting prizes at the end of the call, you will have all the answers!



P.S.  I'm rebuilding my collection of old issues which feature my favorite entrepreneurs on the cover.  At one point I had almost every one, and in near mint condition... but then they were all lost in a fire...  that my x-wife set in the garbage can where she threw all the magazines after I returned home a bit too late from a great party.  (And it was only midnite!  But midnite 2 days later is apparantly too long to stay out without calling.  Some people don't know how to party!)

Anyway, my point was that if you have any, and they are in near mint condition, let me know, cuz I'm buying. Thanks!



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